Purpose of the MSSS is to Ensure That:

  • Soil Scientists are well informed about pertinent research being conducted in Manitoba.
  • Manitoba institutions strengthen their collaborations with each other.
  • Soil Scientists develop their research programs based on the most recent scientific developments.

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The Canadian Soil Science Society
In celebration of Canada’s 150th Birthday the Manitoba Soil Science Society (MSSS) has created a wall poster to highlight thirteen significant or unique soils from across Canada. Special thanks to the soils specialists across Canada that dug deep into their photo collections to assist with this project.

Manitoba's Provincial Soil - NEWDALE

Manitoba's Provincial Soil - NEWDALE A valuable soil of the Eastern Prairies, the Newdale series is classified as an Orthic Black Chernozem. The Newdale soils formed in calcareous, loamy glacial till of limestone, granite and shale origin. Soils are moderately well drained and occur in mid to upper slope positions of hummocky landscapes.

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